About Kendall Furniture

Kendall Furniture early 60's (Left) and now (Right)


Kendall Furniture has been manufacturing stools, chairs and tables for over 50 years for the domestic and commercial market. Our products are designed for each individual venue and offer comfort and sustainability.  After 50 years of successful business we have the skills of chair and stool design and manufacture.   


Kendall Furniture will work with you to achieve you or your client's wants and needs with a matter of ease, using quality materials and skilled craftsmen at our manufacturing base in Oakleigh, Melbourne. 

Who are we? 

Kendall Furniture has supplied many venues throughout Australia, including "the Newmarket hotel in St Kilda, The Melbourne Pub Group and venues at Crown Casino. Kendall also offers you dedicated highly skilled personnel to help you see your design come to fruition.

Our Product 

Our product lends itself to many applications as we can adapt and amend the shape to suit. We can explore all covering possibilities. Whilst maintaining a high degree of comfort and style.  

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer a value for money product customised to your specifications, whilst accepting the challenge of customer satisfaction.  

Our Scope 

In addition to stools and chairs, Kendall also manufactures tables, bar benches and other high quality products to order.