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The surface finish makes all difference to your original artefact. If your not sure, talk to our experienced staff. 

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Most common and popular finish on our stools and chairs.
This finish suits most upholstery options.
Chrome is easy to clean and maintain it also give's a reflective finish and is light and bright.
It is compatible with most colours.


Satin Chrome

Satin finish takes the shine off the chrome and gives it a textured finished look.
The finish may match the brushed stainless finishes that you have in the area.
Easy to clean a great alternative to shiny chrome.


Baked Enamel

Baked enamel is a paint that has been baked on here in our oven.
Any colour can be done and the cooking process hardens the paint, it then becomes very hard wearing and durable.
Paint can be gloss, satin and matt finish.
If zinc treated first then can be used outside.


Shiny Copper

Electroplated then we buff it until it shines


Aged Copper

This process is partly done at the electroplater and we then add our process to it.
We clear coat it to stop the ageing oxidising process.
It is usually finished in a satin clear.


Ghost Bronze

A process very similar to the aged copper process but this is called ghost bronze.


Raw Industrial

The product is left raw and dipped in to a safe acid it is then left to age a bit some oxidiseation happens and we then clear coat it to retard the process.